Kids Meals for Recreation Centers and 6 To SIX After School Care

The Mobile Kids Meals program: Approval has been granted from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to provide pm snacks and a dinner meal to the participants at the Recreation Centers and the 6 To SIX After school programs.  Upon approval from VDH, Child Care Resources of Richmond will serve as our sponsor.  Afternoon snacks and dinner will be provided to school aged participants in the five (5) Recreation Centers and the ten (10) 6 To SIX After School Care programs.  The program will be implemented Monday-Friday during Recreation Centers operating hours.  If the Recreation Center is closed and the schools are open, there will be no dinner component for the school sites.

Also during the afterschool program we promote programs/activities that develop recreational, social, educational, and enhance other life skills for at-risk youth as a key to preparing them to succeed as adults.